The river of here and now

Here is an extract from a Papaji book called ‘Nothing ever happened’ which really moves me and removes me:

A man says to him- “You say no effort is necessary to realise the Self, but for any accomplishment some effort is necessary. If I am on the banks of the river Ganga and I want a pot of water to drink, I have to dip my pot in the river and lift it to my lips… If I don’t make any effort, it will not come to me”

Papaji replies “For the Ganga to be the Ganga it must be enclosed by two banks. Now, if you throw away the banks, where is the Ganga?”


When I read this it throws the futility of the spiritual search right back in my face. I am flooded by the peace of this great mystical river breaking its banks – banks that were never really there at all.

The journey to get somewhere collapses… this idea of a little ‘me’ disappears…

and what remains is this unspeakable grace of right now.


‘The Peaceful Place’ Free E-book is finished!

I know its been a while between blog posts on Being Bliss. Over the past 6 months I have been working on a little guidebook for meditation and spiritual practice called The Peaceful Place.

I am most happy to let you know that the book is now finished and freely available to download. I’d love you to take a look if you would like to!

Click this link:

The core message of the book is that finding a place inside you that is always peaceful and calm is surprisingly easy! You don’t need to be a monk or meditate for years to experience this ever-present peace. By trying the simple meditations and activities in this book you can discover this peaceful place for yourself.

Learning how to rest in the Peaceful Place can greatly reduce the stress, anxiety and suffering of life, and can also open us to deep joy and lasting contentment.

The E-book is written for both total beginners, as well as those who have been consciously on the spiritual journey for a long time. Deeper openings of the heart are always possible.

I hope that you enjoy this book!

May it be a support for you on your journey home.

This Great Love

Our work here on Earth is simple:

To feel what is here,

To be present with whatever is true for you,

And to allow the universe to gently tear open our hearts,

So that we may give of ourselves fully and with grace,

In each tiny now that we have here together.


In this simple way,

Every moment can be a dance and a blessing,

Created fresh from our hearts right now,

And we may bring healing to ourselves,

Our extended family of humanity,

And the Earth beneath our feet.


May we hear the call of this sacred yearning,

To return home to eachother,

And fall deep into this Great Love that is possible,

Between us all right now.

The bliss of just being right here

Again and again it comes back to just this right here. What a gift and a blessing to simply be experiencing what is present now. To be seeing and reading. To be feeling and breathing. To hear voices and music. To feel the bliss of this alive presence in just Being as we are- Radiant and beautiful.

Let us breathe this blessing into our hearts this day. Deeply and easily.

How wonderful to be here!

I was touched by this post with a quote from Doreen Virtue. A beautiful reminder of the power of being peaceful, and the great gift it can offer to those around us. Enjoy!


Stay in the eye of the hurricane where it is quiet, safe, and peaceful. You can help others and the world best from this centered location. 

Getting into the swirling chaos which surrounds you will only increase fear. Instead, encourage others to join you in the peaceful place.

Your encouragement comes from being at peace and exuding happy, loving energy. Others will be drawn to this energy and it will trigger their memories of being peaceful themselves. Once they see and feel your peacefulness, they will find their way.

From the peaceful place, we can take effective action to help other people, the environment, and all of the issues that need our attention right now. 

Doreen Virtue


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The bliss of being in the middle

Something became clear today about the ‘Middle Way’ that is taught in Buddhism. I saw that adopting the middle path is as simple as ‘not clinging, and not pushing away’. In this place of not holding on or resisting we find the Middle Way. Here we are not holding on to particular ideas or worldviews of how things are or should be. We are not clinging to particular thoughts like ‘I am this’ or ‘You are that’, or set ways of being or doing things. And at the same time we are not pushing away whatever arises. If particular thoughts and ideas come, that is ok. If either joyful or unpleasant experiences arise, they can be felt fully without tension. Nothing that arises need be repressed or resisted. All is welcomed, but is not attached to. From this place all phenomena can arise and pass without causing suffering.

This is similar to the lesson that Siddhartha (the original Buddha) learnt when he spent years in the forest as an ascetic practising extreme meditation techniques such as those involving starvation and self deprivation. It is said that he survived off a few grains of rice a day. Eventually he learned that such extreme practices are not needed to achieve enlightenment, and he began teaching the middle path.

When we let go of clinging and pushing things away we find a sense of ease. An open sense of just Being, without needing to be anything in particular. In this place we can feel our consciousness expand and open. We feel light and deeply free.

May we all let go a little deeper today, and allow our being to come a little closer to the joy and freedom of this sacred middle path.